Testimonials for Child cut best suturing in Dubai


Mr A.S.

 Very good hospital with excellent staff. Special thanks to Dr. Sanjay Sharaf for carrying out the surgery to the deep cut which happened to my child. He was very calm and helped us personally through the insurance process also. The after results of surgery are very satisfying and we would recommend people to approach him in case of similar emergencies. 

Mrs. NN

Excellent experience. Everyone is so friendly and reassuring. Especially Dr. Sanjay Saraf. He is very friendly and professional.
Thank you all. 


 We were there last week. The hospital is a neat and tidy place, the staff, especially nurses are really friendly and keen to help with a smiley face. They have a fantastic OT team. Then Dr.Sanjay Saraf, I have never met a doctor like him in my life, he is very friendly and always had a smile on face. He is simply awesome Child cut best suturing in Dubai

Mrs SN

 We had been to NMC Speciality  Hospital,Dubai  on 10th Nov 2018 ,after I sustained a facial trauma while visiting Dubai and had to get plastic surgery for a deep cut on my lip.We had consulted Dr Sanjay Saraf ,a very fine Plastic Surgeon there .He is an excellent Doctor,very helpful and friendly and had done an excellent surgery on the tear and by the 5 th day ,the wound was barely visible . Kudos and full credit to him. And also a special mention for his Nurse Christine ,and Jijo the Nurse in the surgical ward ,who went out of their way to help us in a foreign land (though we felt completely at home)!!
Good job Doc and the Hospital ,keep it up !! 


 My daughter was admitted at the NMC Hospital at Al Nahda. The care that I received was exceptional. Her doctor, Dr. Sanjay Saraf, and the entire departmental staff were extremely caring and professional during our short stay. They were very compassionate and helpful.

A special "thank you" to Dr. Sanjay Saraf for his special care to my daughter . May God bless  of you sir!